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Jennifer writes...

Hello, Greg :) This isn't a question, I simply wanted to say how great Young Justice is and congrats!
I've enjoyed Young Justice ever since 'Independence Day'. I must be honest though, seeing the characters grown up and distant from eachother saddens me. It's as if they've forgotten the strong bonds they formed as kids, Wally and Dick especially. I miss Season 1 and I wish we had a little more time with the characters young and together before things started to change. I'm not a big fan for change because when you've watched something from the very start or for a very long time, it's hard to see everything change and different before your eyes. I'm mostly refering to the relationships in the show. Wally and Dick had the greastest friendship and I believe they still do. True friends have fights and they work it out in the very end. Though I feel Wally has been too harsh on Dick. Dick is trying his best, he knows of the mistakes he's made, he has no one to help him. I mean, Wally is one of the very few people who knows of Dick's identity and pass. Wally was really the only person Dick felt safe talking to, and Wally putting all this blame on Dick and yelling at him doesn't help. All I ask is that you don't let their friendship die. Friends like that come only once in a life time. To tell you the truth, one of the reasons I enjoyed watching Young Justice was the moments Dick and Wally had. It showed me what true friends looked like and it was Wally and Dick. I miss those moments, don't let their friendship die. Because in our Darkest hours all we need is our best friend. It's when we need them the most.
I don't wish for a response to this, I know you're a busy guy. This isn't criticism or a challenge, just feelings and thoughts from a fellow fan. All I ask is for you to read this. Thank you :)

Greg responds...

We have no intention of letting the friendship between Wally and Dick die. Friends argue sometimes, especially when the stakes are so high, but either character would give his life for his friend, and that hasn't and will never change. (Which I guess is a SPOILER.)

Response recorded on December 04, 2012