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Shazam writes...

1. On several occasions there have been cameo's and brief shots of characters that don't properly get introduced till later, some big ones being Icon, Rocket, and the Atom. Other times they make appearances but don't get any screen time afterward such as Blue Devil and Black Lightning. My question is, are all these cameo's created with an idea for them to play a bigger role and it just hasn't happened yet, or are they just for fun for fans that recognize them?
2. Were any of the new members of the team (post 5 year gap) established in their current identities during the first season (pre 5 year gap)?
3. If you had the ability to make the show without any censorship would you make it more mature regarding language, topics discussed, or level of violence? I'm thinking specifically of "Batman:Under the Red Hood" as an example
4. When the Justice League was being controlled by the Light and fighting the Team was the League able to fight at 100% or did being controlled limit the complete use of their abilities?

Greg responds...

1. Those two options aren't mutually exclusive. But there is always a method to our madness, certainly.

2. I'm not sure I understand the question. You saw La'gaan, Gar, Barbara and Karen in Season One. Are you asking if they were already super-heroes back then? Barbara, Karen and Gar were not. As for La'gaan, it depends how you define the term. If you picked up our companion comic, you saw him in action. But he wasn't yet running around the surface world calling himself Lagoon Boy.

3. Nope. Maybe more on-screen nudity. (KIDDING. KIDDING. (mostly))

4. This was covered in the episode itself. Rewatch it.

Response recorded on December 04, 2012