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Michael writes...

Re: an earlier question: "I know this series is different considering that this is another Earth, but in the comics the scarab was against causing physical harm to living things, even almost getting Jamie killed sometimes."

I don't know what comics they've been reading, but this is 100% incorrect. The scarab in the comics was created to be a killing machine, and is only tempered to non-lethality by Jaime's influence.

For a question of my own:

In the tie-in comics, it is mentioned that Jaime had met Guy Gardner, Peacemaker and Captain Atom prior to joining the Team. His connections to Guy and Peacemaker are references to his original comics, so I was just wondering why you added Captain Atom to the list, rather than continuing the theme with another hero comics!Jaime encountered early in his career, like say Batman?

Greg responds...

It has to do with the (Earth-16) relationship between Nathaniel and Ted. Plus they're both Charlton characters. Really, the guy I wasn't sure about including was Guy, because - unlike Cap and Peacemaker - he's NOT a Charlton character. But I got a good line of dialogue out of it, and it hooked up with the source comics, so...

Response recorded on December 05, 2012