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CGYJ writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

I'm not sure if the comic will eventually answer this question or not, but I wanted to hear your opinion about it.

During the five-year gap, why did Superman chose to specifically call Superboy by the Kryptonian name, Kon-El?

The reason why I asked this particular question is because of this: In the New 52, Superboy's Kryptonian name is not one of honor in the House of El anymore as it was before the events of Flashpoint. In Superboy #6, Superboy had an encounter with Supergirl, and when Supergirl learned he was a clone, she attacked him and called him by his Kryptonian name, which she translates as "Abomination of the House of El." The reason such as translation given is explained Superboy #0, which told the story of a renegade Kryptonian clone named "Kon."

So, while I assume that Superboy's Kryptonian name might be something that honors that House of El on Earth-16, I want to hear your opinion on how Kryptonian naming works on Earth-16.


Greg responds...


Response recorded on December 07, 2012