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Peter writes...

hello grieg i would like to ask you just a few questions
1.why did you chose "Spectacular Spider-Man" instead of "Amazing Spider-Man"?
2.it seems like you you building up to the Peter & Mary jane relationship if you don't mind may i please get your thoughts on that?
3.and the origanal con.jupiter suit was built by Tony Stark dose Stark and Earth's mightiest heroes have a place here and is this inline with Chris Yosts Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes? oh and by the way you and chris yost are big time geniuses thank you the both of you.

Greg responds...

1. Actually, that was Marvel's decision. Our original plan was to call it Amazing, but Marvel told us to change it to Spectacular. The reasons for the change were above my paygrade. But I'm not sorry about it. I like the alliteration, and it gave us our great theme song.

2. No, you may not. At least not at this time.

3. We weren't in continuity with any other series, period. We had our own plans for how the rest of the Marvel Universe fit into our Spectacular corner, but since we weren't allowed to use any non-Spidey related characters, those ideas were largely moot. But if you check the archives you can get a taste of them.

Response recorded on December 07, 2012