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Rowan writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

I asked you questions a long time ago, but now I write to thank you.

Two weeks ago Young Justice came back! And my whole family was so happy (myself included). I could not believe my eyes when I watched the fight between Young Roy and Mercy. It was so amazing! I have never watched a fight scene that was so interesting before. Usually I get very bored during action parts, since it is the same thing over and over, but in this one, for the first time, I was so excited!

Oh my, Darkest was very sad. I can't help but pity Aqualad (He is my favorite character). I thought, it's so funny and sad, how that when Aqualad finally begins to gain the Light's trust, he is starting to lose his friend's.

I miss the first Young Justice very much, but it's hard to be unhappy when it has become this amazing series! Invasion is very good, I especially admire the writing. All the characters speak so well! Please, if possible, thank the voice actors and the writers (you too) for their work. They do a wonderful job.
The animators need a thanks too. The fight scene between Mercy and Young Roy was perfect!

Thank you once more for this show. It brings my family together, which doesn't happen very often in my house.


P.S. Very sorry, but I do have one small question!
Where is Atlantis located in the ocean? (Sorry if this seems silly, but I am really curious about it).

Greg responds...

In the Atlantic.

Response recorded on December 07, 2012