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W.C.Reaf writes...

I've been rewatching Spectacular Spider-Man over the summer, as well as introducing it to some friends who loved it, and I noticed some interesting subtle things that I hadn't picked up on before.

Such as Adrian Toomes and Otto Octavius worked together as scientists and they each have tech that relies on some form of mental control interface. Otto's is obviously more advanced because it needs to be since it controls extra limbs, but they have the same basic control principle. So I assume they worked together on a project that required such an interface with the brain.

And Dr Curt Connors was doing the spider experiments, combining different traits from many spiders into one super spider, as possibly a stepping stone for his research into combining lizard traits with humans.

Were these intentional or am I seeing connections where none were intended?

Greg responds...

That was all intentional. Among the villains, we didn't want them to all be generic bad guys, who would work together or feud, simply as the need arose. We wanted to show that there were complex histories, alliances, friendships, rivalries, etc. between them all.

In short, we had backstories in mind.

Response recorded on December 07, 2012