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Alejandro writes...

1. Why were the Reach so interested in Beast Boy's powers? He is but a mere human with martian DNA after all. If they want to weaponize his abilities so much, why not just go to Mars and abduct EVERY SINGLE PERSON there? Mars is full of people with these abilities while Earth is full of people who "might" have a meta gene. Why not just test Martians?
2. DC is rumored to be having legal trouble about using the milestone comicbook characters. Is this true? Will it affect the portrayal of Icon, Rocket and Static on the show?
3. There is a trailer for the show going around featuring characters like Black Beetle, Static Shock, Deathstroke and others. How do you feel about trailers spoiling future episodes? Obviously a lot of trailers do this, but do you agree with the practice?
4. Why didn't the Earth-bound leaguers accompany the team on their high-priority mission to recover the abducted teammates? It seems like Aquaman, Captain Atom, Zatanna and Black Lightning would have been a huge help against the Reach. I can't come up with a reason as to why they sat out on this one.
5. Assuming the Big Bang Explosion has been completely written out of Earth-16 and Static has been christened with a new origin story, are you still hypothetically able to use characters such as Hothead, Gear and She-Bang? I'm not asking for spoilers here, just asking if you are able to use them.

Greg responds...

1. Okay (a) for all you know they are testing Martians, but (b) you're entirely missing the point. What's interesting about the Earthling meta-gene is its flexibility. Most other species wod not adapt to Martian transfusion by gaining shape-shifting powers.

2. I don't know.

2a. No, as to Icon and Rocket. As for Static, Spoiler Request.

3. My first impulse is always to withhold. But I understand the commercial need to tease in order to help market the show, and with that in mind, Brandon and I cut most of the teaser trailers ourselves with Jho Reyes.

4. One reason: Nightwing.

5. What's done is done.

Response recorded on December 08, 2012