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Chronos X writes...

Greetings, Mr. Weisman!

I'm a Gargoyles fan writing all the way from Puerto Rico.
Anyway, just dropping by to ask something:

1) Is it just me or is the neck in Derek/Talon's shirt (the one he wears after his mutation runs full cirle) very closely designed after the neck gauge in Xanatos' exoframe (the tubes and buttons David uses to remove the helmet)?

2) Is there any particular reason why Talon wears a brooch-like object around his shirt neck, again not dissimilar from the gauges and other machinery in the exoframe?

3) If so, what's its purpose: is it something like a marker, a badge of authority or something of the sort, something more practical, like a moneyclip or a transmitter, or just decoration, like Demona's tiara and jewelry?

Greg responds...

1. I can't picture it, but I think it must be just you.

2. Again, I just don't recall. But I'm fairly certain that we weren't trying to make a conscious visual connection to Xanatos' armor.

3. I'm guessing decoration.

Response recorded on December 09, 2012