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CGYJ writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

So I found out on Young Justice Wiki that "Before the Dawn" was viewable on iTunes for people who use it. I guess whoever was able to watch it that way was able to download it on the internet for people who can't watch it. Good thing too. It was a crazy, action-packed episode! Here are my thoughts below (even though the topics of discussion are not in order).

A. Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Artemis - By the AllSpark, M'gann, what have you done?! Serious, I don't know exactly what she did and I don't know if Aqualad is catatonic or not! Plus, having Artemis just arrive to find out what Miss Martian did, I wonder is she'll really become a bad guy for real? I really do hope Aqualad will be okay in the episodes to come. As for Miss Martian, I think her actions will probably get her expelled from The Team for sure.

B. The Pieces Are Coming Together - A part of Bart's past shows that Blue Beetle was in turned to the dark side in 2056. So the reason he came back was simply to save Blue Beetle from becoming evil? Somehow, I think there's more to it than that. There may be other factors involved that lead to the apocalypse in 2056. But at least Bart formed a friendship with Blue Beetle to make sure nothing bad happens.

C. Stephanie Brown on Earth-16 - Yup, I should've known we would meet the next "member" of the Bat-Family. After all Earth-16 does its best to closely match pre-Flashpoint continuity. No other words need to said…

D. Godfrey and the Reach - I sensing a Reach-Apokoliptian collaboration on the horizon if something like this is going to happen. Beyond that, it makes me wonder….

E. Static on Earth-16 - He may not have used his powers yet, but I wonder what was the meaning of having him around to watch the other heroes get beaten around by Black Beetle? Hmmm… Maybe this moment is supposed to make him realize that he needs to become a hero later on… I don't know… I bet something special is being planned for him. Here's to hoping to see more of Static…

Thanks for hearing me out on my thoughts.

Greg responds...

Not going to confirm or deny any of your assumptions.

Response recorded on December 09, 2012