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dailyplanetintern writes...

Praise for "Before the Dawn"

Wow! What an awesome ep! This show just gets better and better! You just have to get a third season!

I was SO relieved and excited when I heard on the net that the ep was on iTunes. I downloaded it right away! And it was AMAZING to say the least.

Nice to see when a girl's deductions are right on the money! Well 85% right.

Don't know if the rest of the season will be released on iTunes in the coming weeks, but if we all do have to wait until January for the rest I think I can handle it now. ^_^. With all the hype that you and your amazing team had heaped up for this ep I was just desperate to see it and so was everyone else.

But in any case when it dose come back to air in January I will DVR it (don't know if that counts as a rating) and watch it on the CN West to help out with the ratings to keep them up just in case DRV recordings with an off TV don't count. Everyone should. It would be sad if CN says that Young Justice won't be renewed for a third season after it comes back due to low ratings because everyone downloaded it from iTunes and then didn't watch it air on DC Nation because they're mad at CN and have already seen it.

Hopefully the money that iTunes brings in from this will catch CN's attention and they'll see what a MaJOR mistake it was to pull DC Nation from the schedule until next year. They'll see just how many people wanted to see it; since no one was able to see it on TV the number of downloads should give a good picture of the number of fans out there (those with Internet access and the funds to pay; {which if they don't CN still has created an unfair situation} but at 2 dollars even I was able to buy it and I'm always broke! ^_~.)

Maybe this will give hope for a third season too? By us buying it off iTunes without seeing it on TV first should show just how much we want it to stick around.

Umm... Now a question:

(1) What dose "on mode" mean?

Is that like hijacked? And dose it have any relation to when someone from Bart's time says that they're feeling the mode?

Once again to you and your team:

Good work!

Now after that's been said back to watching it all over again!

Greg responds...

Depends who's talking. To the Reach, it means that everything is functioning properly, but to the humans of Bart's era, if things were functioning well for the Reach, that was bad news for the humans. And so to them it was always better to crash the mode rather than feel it.

Response recorded on December 09, 2012