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Mirami writes...

Very, very sorry for CN's abrupt stunt. Hopefully, they either had a good reason for doing this or they'll have the heart to give us back Young Justice before 2012 ends. Anyway, thanks to iTunes, I watched "Before the Dawn" and there were so many absolutely fantastic things in this episode. But there was one thing in particular that touched me and that's Bart's attitude towards Blue Beetle.

I mean, wow. Yes, it's pretty clear that in the future, Jaime is actually just another one of the Reach's victims. He would never do something so plain awful. But it would be very, very difficult for most people to be able to get past that. That little flashback to Bart's future suggested that he's always been enslaved, mistreated and threatened by Blue Beetle. And in cases like these, some heroes would try to pull the whole "the need of the many exceeds the need of one" shctick, but not Bart. He wants to help save Jaime AND the world.

He could have very easily awaited for the scientist to extract the Scarab and kill Jaime then done something about it. It seemed to me like letting him get killed now might help prevent everything that went wrong (or at least, what went wrong because of Blue Beetle), but he rushed in fully determined to save Jaime, actually upset that someone was trying to hurt Jaime. Actually concerned for Jaime.

Bart has gone past understanding that isn't Jaime's fault, but he's easily and very readily forgiven him and grew to care for him right away. And even though he's keeping some extremely heavy secrets from the Team, he's still trying to fix things the honest, heroic way- by fighting for the innocent.

And just, wow. Bart's been in what? Four episodes? And I already love him like it's nobody's business. There are many other characters in this show I adore (there's a special place in my heart reserved exclusively and permanently for the original six, for instance), but this is the quickest I've grown to love one of them. Hell, this is the quickest I've ever grown to love a character, with the arguable exception of Heath Ledger's The Joker, but that was more love in the sense that he was a stellar character. I love the Bart you guys have given us for being a stellar character AND a stellar human being overall.

Really, wonderful job! Hope to see more of this sort of dynamic between Impulse and Blue Beetle, as well as more of my other favorite relationships and characters. Keep up the epic work and here's to many more future seasons!

Greg responds...


Response recorded on December 09, 2012