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CGYJ writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

Today's posting is in regards to Batman's and Alfred's past prior to the events of Young Justice. Here are my questions below:

#1 - Obviously we know that Bruce Wayne uses the bat as an inspiration in his war against crime, but the way he discovers this inspiration is done differently in various media. In one example, the Christopher Nolan films, Bruce gained his inspiration from the time he fell in the well as a child and ended up in a cave filled with bats. In another example, the graphic novel "Batman: Earth One," Bruce discovers this inspiration when he sees a statue of a Japanese samurai wearing a bat-like mask. In comparison with other media, how did Bruce Wayne discover his inspiration (the bat) to become Batman on Earth-16?

#2 - I'm under the impression that shortly after Bruce Wayne started his career as Batman, he was probably initially regarded as vigilante, an urban myth, and other things by the people of Gotham City before he was accepted as a hero. Can you please confirm whether this is true or not on Earth-16? If it turns out to be true, then how many years did it take before he was acknowledged for his good deeds by the people of Gotham City?

#3 - Batman has a large rouges gallery on his list; and that's true in ANY parallel DC universe. On Earth-16, which particular villains from Batman's rouges gallery has always given him a considerable amount of trouble (in terms of challenging him to the peak of both his physical and mental limits at the same time) and why? I'm asking this particular question because if you think about, every villain in Batman's rouges gallery challenges his limits very differently (sometimes it's his physical limits being tested, other times it's his mental limits, and sometimes it's BOTH of them).

#4 - Before his parents were murdered, what did the young Bruce Wayne wanted to be when he became an adult? In other words, what kind of career did Bruce wanted to pursue before his life was tragically changed forever as a result of Joe Chill's actions?

#5 - Before being employed by the Wayne family and working for them as a butler, did Alfred had a previous job occupation? If so, can you please tell us what it was and what exactly did he do in his previous job?

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions,

Greg responds...



3. That's way too subjective a question for me to answer.

4. He was eight-years-old. He might have wanted to be a pirate for all I know.


Response recorded on December 11, 2012