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Jennifer K. writes...

Hey there Greg W hope your fall is going well. I have to say I have continually been impressed with how you handle the comic book universe(s). As I am sure you are Marvel has new shows in the works. All of which have the potential to be good. I am sure many fans are looking forward to them including myself. Which leads me to my question. Would you if you had the chance to work on something like Live Action "Cloak and Dagger" would you or would your current work with DC and Young Justice prevent you from doing so?

Greg responds...

As I've stated OVER AND OVER again, I'm not too interested in hypotheticals. And here's a good example why. Your question contains too many variables for me to answer it. Here's just a FEW of them:

1. Are we specifically talking about "Cloak and Dagger"?

2. What are the schedules of the respective projects?

3. What would my role be on the live action show?

4. How much money is involved?

If what you're asking me is whether (in general) I'd like to work for Marvel and/or in live-action, the answer is yes to all of the above. But I can't answer your question in a vacuum. And PLEASE don't try to create a more detailed hypothetical scenario to generate an answer. For every variable you nail down, I could come up with twenty more.

Response recorded on December 12, 2012