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Jonathan writes...

1.Does superboys invulnerability apply to his hair and fingernails and if so how does he trim them? I was curious because you mentioned that they gave him a haircut to disquise him as tommy terror and i was curious as to how that happened. In the Golden Age it was established that superman used his heat vision to do these tasks but seeing as how Conner doesn't have heat vision it makes me even more curious.
2.Are there any chemicals that are harmless to humans but could mess with the body functions of the four flavors of aliens? Is this to broad of a question cause I feel like both of these are a bit supeerfluous.

Greg responds...

1. They're not as invulnerable as the rest of him, but they're stronger than human hair.

1a. Heat vision isn't the be-all end-all in cutting implements.

2. I don't know. Maybe.

2a. You feel like both these questions are a bit superfluous but you posted them anyway? Why?

Response recorded on December 12, 2012