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David writes...

Well. I've been trying to look at things like the designation's numbers and such. I believe to have figured out the whole designation list for the Justice League designation list but not the whole Team list so here are my questions:
1.Please confirm if this is correct
Justice League Designation's:
01. Superman
02. Batman
03. Wonder Woman
04. Flash
05. Hal Jordon
06. Aquaman
07. Martian manhunter
08. Green Arrow
09. Hawkman
10. Hawkwoman
11. Zatara
12. Captain Atom
13. Black Canary
14. John Stewart
15. Captain Marvel
16. Red Tornado
17. Doctor Fate
18. Atom
19. Plastic Man
20. Icon
21. Red Arrow
22. Black Lightning
23. Guy Gardner
24. Blue Beetle
25. Zatanna
26. Rocket

Greg responds...

Let's start with this:

Why would I confirm or deny this?

Why should I confirm or deny this?

I've already stated - more than once - that I wasn't going to reveal designations but let the revelations flow naturally from the series and comics (and the video game).

Why would I change my mind now when we still have plenty more episodes and issues (and the game) still to come?

The whole thing is a SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

Response recorded on December 12, 2012