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Catherine writes...

Hello Greg

Just had a few comments I would like to submit, given my love of both the YJ cartoon and the ongoing comic book series. Given the hiatus as of late on the cartoon, I love that I have the comics to tide me over, even more so that there are little instances in them that are unknown otherwise (at least so far) I really love the way the different issues intertwine with each other, as well as the television series.You can really tell all the thoughts and effort you and your team put into it.

As for the television series, I really do love it, though not every aspect of it. I must admit I am not overly fond of the portrayal of Kid Flash, though I am a very biased Flash-family fan. The voice acting is great and I love the animation, plus his characterization in Season One I adored. I just really don't understand why he was given such a short end of the stick power-wise. Again, this may be because I am a big fan of the comics, but it really seems that he was sold short here. I understand you do not like over-powered super heroes and I certainly can agree on that aspect.

However, Wally within the comic books achieved so much: overcoming his own personal emotional barriers, breaking through the limits that his mentor could not surpass, managing to make peace with some of the rogues and maintaining that superhero level while married and raising two kids. (I'll admit I'm partial to the comics where Wally outran death but that certainly falls into the overpowered scenerio)

It just seems like the Wally in Season Two has truly been left behind in the dust, particularily with the introduction of Impulse (though, I do love the way you have handled that character) As much as Bloodlines was an awesome episode, especially given my love of the Flash family, it is almost painful for me to watch. Wally's relationship with Barry is something that ran strong in the comics and I loved the references to it you made in the comics and the cartoon, though briefly. Comic Number 16 remains one of my favorites for this reason. This episode seemed to just rip that to shreds. I really felt for Wally, felt like he had been replaced, especially with Bart's "You don;t have the Allen family eyes." Though, this emotional response MAY have been the point but I digress.

However, none of your other projects have ever disappointed me and given the role that has been building up in Season Two, I am extremely interested in what Wally's involvement with Artemis and Kaldur/Dick's plan will turn out to be. He has not seemed to have much involvement thus far, aside from being connected to Artemis and I sincerely hope that changes but I shall wait patiently and see what twists and turns your team has planned.

That said though, I do like your team's handling of pretty much everyone else. Like I said, I admit to being Flash biased (and given Wally's extinction thus far in the DC Comics 52, I guess I can be a bit over the top with my favorite Flash) but I adore how you have developed Miss Martian and Superboy especially.

Miss Martian's rationalization of what she's doing is extremely intriguing and given her consequences to it in the last episode, I'm wondering what that has done to her psyche and her spirit. You left us very much at a cliffhanger, as your team is so good at doing. You certainly surprised us with the break up within the 5 year time split but I like how Conner and M'gann have still managed to work together. it gives them a lot of props for remaining "professional" and their little interactions away from the others, in particular when they discussed their reasons for ending the relationship, gave a lot of depth and development to their characters.

I also find this version of Tim to very interesting, though he has not said much as of yet. Thank you for not combining Jason and Tim into one character because they really are important separate characters. Most seem too afraid to touch Jason with a ten foot stick, usually making Tim a watered down mix of 90% Jason and 10% Tim. So, I really am interested in what you plan for Tim in this season. His interactions with Dick are intriguing as well, given their brother-type status. When you pulled Batman out of the picture mid-way through, this became even more thought provoking and I look forward to seeing Tim's development and use in this season.

Your version of Oliver Queen is also one of the first I can truly say I like. Usually, he comes off as being an arrogant jerk but I find him very human(for lack of a better word) and realistic here. I especially loved his reactions to the original Roy returning and Artemis' "death." It really put into perspective that he does have a link with his proteges, something that is not addressed a lot. I applaud you and your team for these great character arcs. Given that Artemis is in fact alive, Oliver's realization of this, if it ever comes, will be fascinating to see play out...though I wonder if he knows Red Arrow Roy has a daughter with an ex-villain...

I do have one question; I have looked through the archives and hope that I have not missed it already being asked. If it has, please excuse me for missing that.

Q1: What is your favorite type of villain to create? Some people like power-hungry emotionally neutral, some like physically strong obsessed, some like manipulative, intelligent schemers(those are my personal favorites) and I was wondering if you had a preference to the ones you like to create.

Well, thank you for listening to my ramblings. I truly do love the world you have created for Young Justice and I look forward to learning more about it.

Greg responds...

1. My favorite villain is one that acts as a counterpoint to some aspect of the hero.

As for Wally, I like him BETTER because he's doing the heroic thing with less power to back it up. What I like about him is his HUMANITY. I think we've shown that. I don't think "Bloodlines" was a tragic moment for him at all. He wasn't replaced in the least. Rather, he was shown to be part of a grand tradition from Jay to Barry to Wally to Bart. Don't take a stray comment here and there from either Wally or Bart to indicate actual hostility. They tease. It's family stuff.

Response recorded on December 13, 2012