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Huge GW Fan writes...

One of my favorite episodes of SSM is "Gangland" because of the awesome fights mixed with that beautiful opera score. Ever since I've been obsessed with finding out the name of each piece, and after a thorough research, I think I got it. It would mean a lot if you could confirm this:

- "Pari siamo": The meeting turns sour; Hammerhead turns coat.
- "Ella mi fu rapita, Parmi veder le lagrime": Silvermane suits up. The fight moves downstairs.
- "Scorrendo uniti remota via": Ock and Silermane fight Tombstone. Ock turns on Silvermane.
- "Pari siamo": Spidey catches chandelier. Fight ensues.
- "La Donna é Mobile" (duh) Fight continues outside.
- "Ella mi fu rapita, Parmi veder le lagrime": Ock closes in on Spidey, Fat Lady sings, Tombstone saves Spidey. Spidey disassembles Silvermane. Sable threats Hammerhead. Ock tries to vivisect Spidey.
- "Cortigiani, vil razza dannata": Fight moves to the sewers.

I hope YJ gets a third season and we get to see something similar like this!

Greg responds...

I'm sorry. I tried to find some document on my computer that might confirm or correct your assumptions, but I couldn't find anything. There might be something in my hard copy files, but those are currently boxed up, and I can't get to them right now.

Response recorded on December 14, 2012