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Haley writes...

Dear Greg,

While I lament the fact that we're not going to see more of the delightful young Robin you created in YJ season 1 (because in my humble opinion, he's the best cartoon rendition of Dick Grayson's Robin ever: such an amazing character design, awesome personality and skills and perfect voice actor), I love seeing your version of Nightwing in Young Justice: Invasion. Again, awesome character design there and Jesse McCartney does a great job voicing him. Dick Grayson's obviously grown and matured, but there are still shades of season one's Dick Grayson that I really enjoy seeing. Though he certainly does seem to be becoming more like Batman in terms of the decisions and sacrifices he makes, I like that his leadership style seems more gentle and is geared towards positive reinforcement. He cares about his team and shows it.

Anyway, my question:

As team leader, why doesn't Nightwing go on so many missions anymore? I'm asking because Aqualad, when he was team leader in the first season, accompanied the Team on most missions, but Nightwing doesn't seem to based on what he said in Depths: "After a year of leading this team, I'm peckish for a little action". Is it because the Team's grown so big that most of the time he has to stay behind to coordinate? Because Mal seemed to be doing a good job of that in ep 201 Happy New Year... I'm just wondering because Dick Grayson's my favorite character and I'd love to see more of him. I hope we'll get to see more of Nightwing in action in the second half of the season.

Thanks for putting so much time and effort into interacting with fans!

Can't wait till January! ;)

Greg responds...

There's a lot going on. As you've seen he goes on missions fairly often, but sometimes he needs to stay behind. And he rarely goes on 'routine' missions. But you should also keep in mind, that he obviously had ulterior motives for wanting to go on the Cape Canaveral mission - motives that he couldn't reveal, and so had to use misdirection to explain why he was going.

Response recorded on December 14, 2012