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ArrowFamilyLove writes...

Hi, Greg,
Young Justice is the greatest show I've ever seen!
I'm so loving it and especially the arrow family. Though they are not the main characters, oh, sorry Artemis is. But I can see you put a great effort and many important plot on Speedy/Red Arrow (the clone Roy), and also Green Arrow and the Original Roy. Thank you very much.
I have to tell you I love Roy so so so much, and I started an archery lesson recently.
And then I found some interesting question about Roy's guise of Red Arrow.

When I learned to shoot an arrow, I have to wear an arm protector on my left arm, which is holding the bow. Because when I release the string, it would scrape over the left arm sometimes. it hurts a lot so as I need a protector. I'm not sure if the master archer also need the protector or not, but it seems even professional archer also use that kind of protector.

And then I found Roy's gloves, one is short and one is long. The long glove looks like an arm protector or have that kind of function, you know, protect the inside skin of the arm not to be scraped by the string. But then I found it's on the right arm. And Roy is using his left hand to hold the bow, I checked almost every episode in season1, Artemis sometimes using right hand, but Roy always using left hand.
So if he really want to protect his arm, he should wear that long glove on his left hand. Wearing on right hand is meaningless except good looking.

Here is the question:
Is it some design mistake? Because if I didn't go to archery, I also didn't know we need an arm protector on the hand we use to hold the bow.
Or is it because Roy always has a rush morning and wearing the wrong gloves on wrong hand? ( like we sometimes wearing wrong sock on different feet)
Or he's so good at shooting and won't let the string scraping his arm or he don't care, so he just wearing the unsymmetrical gloves for stylish looking? (I can understand and that's really cool and good looking! )

And one more things, for the method to draw a string.
the standard method I learned is using 3 fingers. Index finger upon the arrow, middle finger and ring finger under the arrow.
Most of the time I found Roy or Ollie only use 2 finger, index finger up and middle finger down.
That looks natural and it's a variation of the method above, but it's harder to draw a string and give more strain to the finger and less people using this. I just hope Roy's finger won't hurt too much after a battle when he keep using 2 finger.
There are some other draw you could refer to if you want to, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bow_draw
That's interesting and explained why people using this kind of method.

Okay, I think that's all I want to ask, another question about Roy is already in the queue so I won't ask again.
Thank you for giving us such a great show. I'm waiting for the return of DC Nation next January. And also waiting for the 3rd season.
(If could, I wish it could has a net platform, like nickelodeon. There would get much more fans who would love this show, because as far as I know YJ have a world wide fandom and I think most would like to see a live on the net. not waiting for the itunes. But, I don't know CN or agreements between WB and CN, so... who am I to say? Just wish YJ have a good broadcast way and please do not always put on hiatus... That's really a torture.)

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I don't know the answers to these questions.

And I assume you know that the hiatuses are not up to me.

Response recorded on December 14, 2012