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Lorisa214 writes...

Logically Artemis would have had to begin training, or step it up before her death in March.
- How long did she have to decide, & then begin training again?
- When she did decide to go undercover, how/why did she decide on her new weapons? She couldn't just stick to archery, that's a given. So what make her pick her equipment?
-Did she train with Wally, or Dick before their façade took place?
-How many days (weeks?) did Artemis wait before she told Wally?
- What if she said no?
-What month is Artemis's Birthday?

Greg responds...

1. You're assuming she EVER stopped training.

2. She's proficient in all the weapons that Tigress uses.

3. To a certain extent, although their regimens are very different.

4. I assume she's trained with Dick on and off for years, but again, see the answer to question one.

5. Tell him what?

6. I'm lost. No to what?

7. I haven't decided. Maybe she should be a Sagittarius.

Response recorded on December 18, 2012