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Lorisa214 writes...

When Kid Flash, or Flash are running places, how do they know if they are going in the right direction? When Impulse was running across states, how would he know what state he's in? Like right now if someone told me to run to New York, New York, and I know it's South, & 6 hours by car, Maybe I could find it, cuz it's so iconic, and…a straight line from where I am. But if I had to find the Yukon, (In Canada…It's hard enough to find on a map) or North Carolina, I wouldn't. So how do they know where they are going without directions/GPS. Have they memorized the layout of the whole country? Stop & read signs? Do they have to take main roads to find where they want to go?
-Can Wally run across water?
- Could he do it carrying someone, or would their ears explode?
- Can Superman run across water?

Greg responds...

1. Yes to all of the above, probably.

2. If he's built up a big enough head of steam.

3. I would think so.

4. Run? No. But he can fly across it.

Response recorded on December 18, 2012