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Anonymous writes...

Greg, you've mentioned several times here and elsewhere that Wally was a very insecure person during the first season, but I never got that feeling from watching the show. I don't deny that he seemed to be overcompensating for something at times, but I never understood why he felt the need to. In comparison, I thought the show did a great job with Artemis as we saw her tough girl facade crack a few times, and got a good feeling for why she put up that facade.

So my question is; did the show actually explore Wally's insecurities as a person during the first season? And if not, what exactly was he insecure about and why did he feel that way?

He's my favorite character on the show, and I just feel like I missed something somewhere along the way. Thanks!

Greg responds...

1. I think we explored it, but whether we succeeded is not for me alone to judge.

2. I think, during Season One, he's insecure about his speed relative to the Flash. He's insecure about the fact that Flash didn't initially want him as a sidekick/protege. He's insecure with girls/women. Etc.

Response recorded on December 26, 2012