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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Greg. Thanks for answering all our insane questions.

Thinking specifically about Young Justice, were there any characters that you meant to be... not very likeable? I mean, obviously the villains are the ones we love to hate, but of the Team or JLA? Like, hypothetically, did you (or anyone else) ever say, 'Ya know what? Lets make [insert character's name here] a complete jerk.'

I'm not looking for validation for people to hate on any one character. I'm just womdering if it was ever part of the thought process in the show.

Thanks a lot!

Greg responds...

Not unlikeable, no, but there were characters that we wanted NOT to mesh with the others quite so well. We wanted things like anger-management issues, jealousy issues, insecurity issues, etc. There are, I believe, non-positive qualities to nearly every major character on the show. Hopefully, the audience finds the characters real, and perhaps likes them more for their faults...

Response recorded on December 27, 2012