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Anonymous writes...

I have questions about Performance. I really, really liked this episode-- it seems like every Robin adaption has to do a circus episode, but I liked that YJ's version wasn't a rehash of his origin. It's detailed in the comics and hinted at here, and I think that worked out really well.

1. From the context (i.e., "You guys are not on a mission" vs. "Batman's sending us..."), I'm guessing Robin lied to Artemis, Conner, M'gann, and Roy about having League sanction to pursue who was framing Mr. Haly. Is that true?

2. If it is true, did the others ever find out? Were there any repercussions for Dick?

Also, on a tangent: I really love the friendship between Wally and Dick. It's by far my favorite aspect of YJ, and I really enjoyed their dialogue in Darkest. I hope to see more of it!

Greg responds...

1. That's pretty much STATED in the episode, yes.


Response recorded on December 27, 2012