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he greenman writes...

Looking more and more forward to the tail end of this season based on the new trailer. Love Cap'n Marvel! LOVE STATIC! (If that's who he is of course) wink wink

1) About the storytelling of the series. I don't know if this was mentioned before, but I enjoy eps that are based on source material. Be it homage or adaptation similar to the Secrets and Disordered eps, I've looked at season two. My first discovery was the subtitle of the season possibly being influenced by a dc comics crossover event (that I believe you were involved with) called Invasion. There's also an ep about the Flash family introducing Impulse, a homage to another dc crossover event called Bloodlines, which did introduce new heroes and dealt with an alien invasion. So, were these intentional? Are there any other homages other than I guess Rimbor?

2) I noticed that Vandal Savage seems to be dressed in a uniform that looks similar to a Civil War Confederate uniform, is this your or Brandon's or Phil's idea?

3) In the episode Revelation, it seemed Joker knew at the very least something of the Light's plans leading to the events of Season two. Were these villains brainwashed through the Starro chips as well? Also, why were the heroes unable to find out anything from the captured villains?

Greg responds...

1. Some are intentional. Some are just sitting in the background radiation of our brains. Some may be coincidences. But the whole thing is an adaptation, so it's hard to separate what's what - and when you ask if there are others, the answer is, of course, yes.

2. The clothing choices were mostly Phil, I'd think. He may have discussed it with Brandon.

3. I think the premise of your question assumes facts not in evidence.

3a. No. Starro-Tech hadn't even been created yet, and in any case, why would they need it?

3b. Why WOULD they be able to find out much of anything?

Response recorded on December 28, 2012