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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg,

I'd like to offer an observation. Every one of the original team has played some role in the traumatic events of Darkest and Before the Dawn - even Wally and Connor who permitted these events to occur by staying silent. I don't see what Wally could have done, but Connor could have spoken up about M'Gann's activities, but he didn't.

I have not seen many viewers respond to Beast Boy, Impulse, and Blue Beetle being drugged, assaulted, kidnapped, and tortured. If I was Gar, Bart, or Jaime, I'd be hurt, humiliated, and beyond furious with Nightwing and the senior class. It's one thing to expect Justice Leaguers to roll with the punches, but Beast Boy is barely a teenager.

I understand that because of the genre you feel the need to keep things moving. Unfortunately, that means certain things get glossed over. (For example, I would have loved to have watched Wally and Artemis's first date.) Personally, I'm willing to give Artemis and Kaldur a pass because they have suffered so much. But, I hope that when the smoke clears, the team will hold Nightwing accountable for his actions

Greg responds...

You're assuming that when the smoke clears, that anyone's still alive to hold Nightwing accountable. Or that Nightwing's still alive to be held.

Response recorded on December 28, 2012