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Marvelman writes...

I have one other question and it's a fun one.

Do you see any of the team or Justice League as being "serious" readers? If so, which writers do they like?
By "serious" I mean someone who will crack the classics like Melville, Milton, or Homer, or someone who likes serious fiction like... Toni Morrison or Gabriel Marquez.


If people can ask about Catherine Cobert's age then I can certainly ask about this!

Greg responds...

Yes, you can. But the difference is that the age questions are objective. I've either done the math or I haven't. What you're asking for is incredibly subjective. I take the question seriously enough that I don't want to just toss out an answer without putting real thought into it. And so it would potentially take hours to answer it for the dozens of characters we have on the series. And I'm just not prepared to do that right now.

But the short answer is yes.

Response recorded on December 28, 2012