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Mirami writes...

Thought I'd share my thoughts on issue #23!

Team Year Zero:
Artemis and Barbara seem like they're getting along swimmingly. Hopefully, there's a great friendship about to form from that! Also, Alfred with the pizzas got a good chuckle from me. And it was really nice seeing Bruce wanting to stick around for Dick's birthday; just about warmed my heart.

The scene in Dhabar was also great. That one panel where M'gann explains to Clark how she caught onto him was subtly tragic: we learn that Conner doesn't keep mirrors or looks at his own face often, M'gann has memorized and learned every single one of his details and she hates lying to him even though she is.
1. Was thatDeadshot targetting Rumaan?

Team Year Five:
What a creepy place Batman and Robin are in. I've seen people speculate about it being Harvey Dent's home. I wouldn't really know, but I'm sure (or at least, I'm hoping) we'll know either by the end of this arc or find out about it in the show.

These last five years seem like they have been very unkind to Match. And I'm guessing these next few minutes/hours won't be kind to Barbara either.

I love the fighting dynamics between our abducted heroes. They have great synergy together, which of course means we're going to be gettinbg more awesomeness from them in the next issue. I see in the queue that someone has already asked why Icon was removed from the cover for this and a previous issue of YJ:I. To be honest, he was the one I was looking forward to the most, but I digress. I just hope nothing from the story was lost with his removal.

The bioship with La'gaan and M'gann was exactly what I had been waiting for! Even though I was pretty devastated with Superboy and Miss Martian's break up at first, I still felt that pairing her up with someone like La'gaan was an interesting idea and I was really curious about what would happene next with them.
However, aside from the cute crab cakes moment and M'gann trying to save him (I believe both are scenes from "Depths"), there wasn't much else about them so far that called for my attention. Add to that how my impression of La'gaan at first went a little bit south during the second half of "Happy New Year" and the fact that M'gann is still very hung up on Conner, I wasn't very sure how to feel about it anymore.
But this scene was just what I had been needing. It was sweet, it was touching and it explained the connection between them. I also feel really bad for La'gaan. I suspected he'd be a social outcast. It sucks and it's unfair, do I know. And as I suspected, M'gann understands perfectly. This is one of the reason why I had been so excited over the prospect of them being together. Hope we see more of this in the show.

Beast Boy's concern for Noor... Considering Bibbo and Noor were amongst the people Robin, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle rescued in the Invasion premiere that takes place a month later, I suspect he was right to worry.

And last but not least, the Collector of Worlds has given Martian Manhunter, The Flash and The Atom a real beating and now they're falling off to their doom. So not crash.

All in all, a superb and thrilling chapter! Can't wait for more!

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Icon was originally one of the abducted along with the two Captains, the two Supers and Wonder Woman. I was forced to rewrite him out of issues 21-25, and I do think it loses something in terms of chemistry and interaction. Same with Rocket, who was with Zatanna throughout. But NOTHING was lost from a plot standpoint. The story didn't change.

Oh, and again, just to be VERY clear: this stuff only effects the comic, not the television series. All the episodes are already animated and approved. CN's decision on when and where to air the series has nothing to do with DC's decision about the comic.

Response recorded on December 30, 2012