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Young Hero XD writes...

In five years there was no heroin good enough to get into the Justice League?
I know that there are five women in the league, but also twenty-five men, which makes a number unfavorable for women...
Unlike the team that has a nice number on the issue of men and women, for example, at the end of the first season, the team had eight active members four men and four women, and at the beginning of the season the team had ten active members, four women and six men, a number that remains favorable for women.
It seems with the entry of Zatanna and Rocket have entered the league, there was no heroin in five years time to get into the league!
I would like the heroines in Young Justice had another look at them now, grateful!

Greg responds...

We are, at least to some extent, limited by the source material that we are adapting. We try to create as much balance as possible - especially with the Team, as opposed to the League.

Response recorded on December 30, 2012