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Justin writes...

Dear Greg Here's another set of questions for you.
1a)How did Demona find those five gargs in City of Stone?
1b)Were the a few clans in Scotland?
2a)Did have a rookery?
2b)Did Demona contribute?
3a)Why did Demona treat her clan more like an army ten family?
3b)Why did Demona do nothing to stop the princess,magus and Tom when they took the clan's eggs?

Greg responds...

1a. She searched around. And there were more than five. But they lived in "cells" so that the Hunter couldn't stumble on any one location and destroy them all.

b. I know there's a typo in there, but I still am not sure what this question is.

2a. Demona's clan? Probably they had one when they needed one.

2b. No.

3a. Why do YOU think?

3b. Paralyzing guilt.

Response recorded on September 14, 2000