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kenzey818 writes...

So in a previous post I said I wouldn't ask a question, but it turns out I have one about the production/voice recordings. When Nolan North is doing an episode of Young Justice where is playing both Superman and Superboy, does he record their voices in the same session? Like in Auld Acquaintance when the Supes have interaction did he record both of them? (PS I checked the archives and I didn't see if anyone had asked this)

Greg responds...

Generally, we record all our actors together and proceed from the first line through to the last. SOMETIMES, if an actor has more than one character he or she may prefer to do that one character first and then the other. But Nolan has a pretty complete command of Superboy and Superman. So, as far as I can recall, he'd just talk to himself.

Response recorded on April 15, 2013