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Kyle D. Kincaid writes...

Greg, I have 5 questions for you, please answer them clearly:

1. Even though she was an assassin, does Paula mostly love Artemis and always spends most time with her?
2. What was the cause of Tula's death, and how did Ocean Master became disgraced and ousted out of the Light?
3. When were Icicle, Jr. and Artemis became acquaintances?
4. Can you name a lot of birth dates of the characters of the shows?, we know Superboy's and Kid Flash's and Nightwing's
5. Even though Cassie Sandsmark joined the team a few months before December 1, was Donna Troy the first Wonder Girl and a member of the Team after 2011?

Greg responds...

It can be hard to answer clearly, when the questions aren't clear.

1. Although Huntress did some work as an assassin, I don't think of her primarily as one. So when you set that up as the premise of your question, we're starting off with a problem, as I neither buy into that premise, nor do I understand how it creates context for what follows. Nor do I understand what you're asking. Are you asking if Paula loves Artemis? If so, then yes. If you're asking if she loves Artemis more than Jade, than the answer is no. Are you asking if she spent more time with Artemis than Jade before she went to prison, then the answer is no. If you're asking if -before she went to prison- she spent more time with Artemis than Crusher did, then the answer is probably yes. But not much more. If you're asking about after she got out of prison, then obviously she spends more time with Artemis than with Jade, and more time with Artemis than Sportsmaster does. At least until Artemis went away to college and then went undercover as Tigress.

2. SPOILER REQUESTS. NO COMMENT. And by the way, that's clearly two separate questions, and you're trying to cheat the system by numbering them as one, so that you can get six questions in when our limit is five. I don't appreciate that.

3. Originally, as children.

4. No. I have not and will not figure out specific birth dates for any character until a story requires it.

5. This was clearly another SPOILER REQUEST when you asked it. Now it's ASKED AND ANSWERED. But the short answer is that the Earth-16 Donna Troy was TROIA. Never Wonder Girl.

Response recorded on April 30, 2013