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Todd Jensen writes...

Another Demona question. When you were asked about whether she knew about the other clans, you said that while she obviously didn't know about many of them (such as the Avalon clan) she might have known of the London clan at least.

But I've got to confess that I've wondered if she ever met any of the other clans (aside from Goliath's) for this reason. When Demona made fresh contact with the Wyvern clan, she tried to talk them into helping her wipe out humanity, and when they refused, she tried to kill them. So - I would assume that if Demona had met any of the other clans, it would have gone much the same way - and we know that she didn't recruit the London clan, for example, or destroy it. So that makes me wonder whether that means that she must not have met the other clans.

On the other hand, aside from the fact that Demona didn't succeed in wiping out Goliath's clan in the 1990's, there is the fact that there was one special factor in her attitude towards them that doesn't apply to the other clans; it was the one led by Goliath, her former mate, whom she has strong and conflicting emotions about. So that makes me wonder in turn if a lot of the vehemence that she's used on the Manhattan clan comes from her feelings about Goliath, and wouldn't apply as strongly to other clans that wouldn't agree to help her in her "destroy-humanity" objective.

At least, that's my thoughts on the matter; what are yours?

Greg responds...

Sometimes I leave myself intentionally open on certain issues, so as not to restrict me until I have a specific story in mind that forces a decision. That's where I am on this.

Response recorded on December 22, 2000