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LSZ writes...

I don't think you've ever clarified this, and it doesn't seem to be in the archives, so:

How does the Macbeth-Demona immortality spell work? Does it miraculously repair their bodies after they suffer death-worthy damage, like beheading or being smashed in stone sleep? Does it arrange events/luck so that anything that would physically kill any normal person simply never hits them? Or has there simply been no incident where Demona or Macbeth suffered what would be fatal injury?

Greg responds...

You couldn't have checked the archives too carefully, because I've dealt with this MANY times. There have been no incidents where Mac or Demona have suffered a fatal injury that was objectively fatal, like a beheading or being smashed in stone sleep. They've been stabbed, shot, etc. But nothing CATASTROPHIC. When they are shot or stabbed, they heal -- ironically, the more severe the injury, the faster they heal. That is, if the spell has to be invoked to save them, they heal quickly, because they are healing magically. But if the injury wasn't fatal in the first place, than the spell is not invoked and each heals at his or her normal rate. For Demona, she'll TEND to be fully healed by the next sunset. Mac might take a little longer. He's human, and he's also biologically older.

Response recorded on January 17, 2001