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EXALT writes...

So, about Complications (which was an AWESOME episode, by the way)...
1)How did Crusher and Jade manage to find the Manta-Flyer?
2)Sportsmaster calls Deathstroke by his first name: does this mean that they are old friends/old partners/old something?
3)Speaking of Deathstroke, can you confirm that his full name is Slade Wilson?
4)How old is Deathstroke?
5)(This isn't directly tied in with the episode, but hey, since I'm here) How many years ago Aquaman and Manta fought for the first time?

Greg responds...

1. Sportsmaster had contingencies in place before he risked any split with the Light.

2. "Friends" might be pushing it, but they've clearly worked together before. Just ask Ted Kord. (Ooh, sorry.)

3. Yes.

4. By the end of Season ONE, Deathstroke was 47.

5. I have not nailed down a specific year for that yet, but it was LONGER ago than the conception of Kaldur'ahm.

Response recorded on May 06, 2013