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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, in War, I was curious as to why Blue reacted the way he did in the end RIGHT AFTER Cassie kissed Roy.
Did the situation trigger some more biochemical things going on that made him attack right then and there? I mean it could've been another time with the whole team. Who knows, I'm probably over thinking it.
& is there a reason why Blue knocked out everyone except Wonder Girl?

Greg responds...

You're WAY over-thinking it. Blue Beetle was not in control of his own body. The scarab was under complete Reach control. They wanted the Crystal Key, and that meant they had to make their move at that moment to keep it. Plus it was the perfect opportunity to take out the entire Team. It had NOTHING at all to do with Cassie giving Roy a peck on the cheek.

Response recorded on May 07, 2013