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jac writes...

This just dawned on me...
1. Is the reason you didn't name Brainiac, well, "Brainiac" because that is actually the stage-name of Milton Fine, whome I suppose you are calling the Collector of Worlds was posessed by?
If this is true...
2. were there any plans on using Brainiac-proper eventually?
3. Is the Collector of Worlds from Colu?
4. Is his name Virl Dox?
5. Does he have a son? (I think you know where I'm going with this one...the L.E.G.I.O.N. seem like they would make a perfect fit in the show, as you've done so well showcasing aliens, alien planets, and the politics of the galaxy in general).

Greg responds...

1. Huh? Sorry, I can't quite figure out what you're asking here. But the reason I used "Collector of Worlds" was because the name fit better. But we tried to pay homage to ALL of Brainiac's other names.

2. I'm not clear on what you mean by "Brainiac-proper". If you just mean the name, we've already used it. (Then again, maybe you wrote this before we did. In which case, I'm wondering why you didn't wait to ask until after the multi-parter was over.)

3. Have you read the issues?

4. We list many of his names in the comics: Vril Dox; Notlimenif; The Computer Tyrant of Bryak; The Brain of Colu; The Maniac of Yod. Plus Flash mixes up the last two and calls him the Brainiac of Izod.


Response recorded on May 07, 2013