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One writes...

1) Why didn't Demona choose to have any children other than with Goliath? (You mentioned in an earlier reply that Demona's only child is Angela) From 994 AD to about 157 AD she had her own clan of gargoyles (containing many males), she had the opportunity... and since her race was going extinct it makes logical sense that she would have tried to copulate as much as possible. Was she sterile? Did she find the males unworthy?

2) After MacBeth and Demona were initially killed by Canmore (spelling?) did Demona ever meet any other Gargoyle clans? Were these clans the ancestors of those Goliath met on the World Tour?

3) In the Mirror, Hudson said the fae were as real as the Gargoyles and that the clan knew they were called "the Children of Oberon", and they acted as if it was common knowledge. Wouldn't this mean that Demona believes that Oberon exists but has not obtained definitive proof? Or have the centuries jaded her?

Greg responds...

1. 1057 bot 157. And I think the main answer is GUILT. (Certainly not infertility.) Goliath wasn't dead, though he might as well have been. She mated with him for life. She didn't (deep down) believe that she deserved another mate or that she could stand to betray Goliath in yet one MORE way. So she never opened herself up to any of the males.

2. I'm not saying.

3. She believes.

Response recorded on February 22, 2001