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KtKd writes...

Hi Greg, I'll get to the point. I was re-watching 'Depths' and wondered:
1-When Superboy told M'gann he didn't tell the League about her abusing her powers because he thought he mattered enought to her to make her stop, and she clearly didn't stop untill what happend to Aqualad. Does it mean she doesn't care that much for him?
1a-Regarding her relationship with Lagoon Boy and her ended relationship with Superboy, I can get that she loves them both but whom is she in-love with?
2-At the end of the episode, when Artemis asked Nightwing about he got the Glamour Charm from Zatanna he answered 'We have a history'...my question, and considering there's only 4 eps left to air (at least while I'm asking this questions) is that ALL that will be told about Dick and Zatanna's relationship during the 5 years gasp?

Last but not least, and I bet you get this one alot (apologies for that) How do you feel about the cancelaton of the show? It's certainly one of the very few good showzs on CN (in my opinion) I can't believe it won't get a 3th Season!

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. No.

1a. I think it's clear she's not "in love" with La'gaan.

2. There's a touch more in the comics, but, yes.

3. Not cancelled. Just not picked up. But obviously, I'm not thrilled. Would have loved to have done more.

Response recorded on May 13, 2013