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Anonymous writes...

1) Did La'gaan know Jason Todd?
2) Did La'gaan date anyone before M'gann?
3) How did he come up with the name Lagoon Boy?
4) In the comic, YJ#14, Aqualad said that La'gaan, Blubber, etc. were former classmates. But they were a wide range of ages. La'gaan was 12 at the time, was he at the same learning level as Kaldur? Basically what I'm wondering here is if they were actually in the same class or Kaldur just meant they were fellow pupils at the Conservatory.

Greg responds...


2. Ever?

3. His own real first name inspired it. Plus he saw Creature from the Black Lagoon.

4. Fellow pupils, though they may have had a class or two in common.

Response recorded on May 14, 2013