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Maia writes...

I loved The Hunt! It was so good to see the runaways again, and Arsenal was awesome throughout the episode... though I do have a small problem with the scene with him and Nightwing...

I'm not saying Dick was wrong to take him off the the Team- he and Karen had good points. As much as I love the character, Roy doesn't always hold the Team's best interests at heart, and would have probably been a huge liability if he'd been allowed to stay on the Team in his current mental condition. My problem, however, was with how Dick decided to handle the issue- in front of potential teammates and allies (he ended up alienating the runaways) and basically letting a loose cannon with severe PTSD walk about in the open. Arsenal has serious issues and needs help, and isolation probably isn't going to do him any good. Pardon my rudeness when I say this, but did no one think of giving him counselling or something of the like before letting him join the Team?

Greg responds...

You're assuming that no one thought to counsel him beforehand, but I've already addressed that. Check the archives.

As to Nightwing's timing, I think it's clear he made a mistake. It happens. He's under a lot of pressure, and sometimes people under pressure make the wrong call.

Response recorded on May 14, 2013