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Reiena Grayson writes...

I was just watching Satisfation agian, and my curiosity was peaked. Is there anyway to learn how Crispin felt about playing not only Red Arrow, but Arsenal and Jim Harper as well. I know NOlan voices SUperman and Superman, but it's easy to do 2 characters I've watched Batman enough to see that with the Justice League two part episode A New World. Three Characters, one with a totally different personality from the other.

One other thing, there should be no coinsidence that Jim could be Red's twin, is it possible that Jim is actually a clone of ROy with the real jim harper's memories?

Greg responds...

You'd have to ask Crispin how it felt, but he's hardly the first voice actor to play three or more characters in an episode.

Jim (Guardian) and Roy (Red Arrow) are both clones of Roy (Arsenal). Jim does not have the memories of the original Jim Harper (i.e. the Golden Age Guardian, Roy's Great-Grandfather), but then again, Jim never thought he was the original Jim Harper. He THOUGHT he was that Jim Harper's grandson and namesake.

Response recorded on May 16, 2013