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Faisal A. writes...

Long time reader, second time poster, ...

So you have commented in the past that at some point the characters take a life of their own and begin to write for themselves and dictate their actions (rather than you, as a writer trying to force it). Building off that premise ...

1) For Young Justice, is there any character that took a story in a direction other than the direction you were initially envisioning? (i.e. maybe you weren't expecting a story arc to go one way but one character's presence just shed a new perspective on the situation that took the arc in a new direction (or at least new side trek) than originally planned) If so, who/how/when?

2) was there any character (of the primary cast anyway) that took longer (even if just by an episode or two) to come in to his (or her) own in terms of taking a life of his own? if so, who?

as a general comment, i really am enjoying all the characters and their design, stories, and growth. so a thank you to you and your team for all the enjoyment i've gotten (and continue to get) out of YJ/YJ:I/YJ comics :)

incidentally, the same is true for Gargoyles and Spec. Spidey (i still watch dvds of those shows - as recently as this morning - and STILL get enjoyment out of them - the same is not true of many other shows)

Greg responds...

1. I'd say that was true of nearly all the major characters, but especially Aqualad, Artemis, Wally, Bart, Superboy and Miss Martian.

2. Not that I recall. Screentime helps, so some of the characters that didn't appear as much may not have grabbed a hold as firmly. But you also need to remember that we had way more stories for EVERY character than we had the opportunity to present in either the comic, t.v. series or video game. So they may be more alive to us than to you guys.

3. Thanks.

Response recorded on May 16, 2013