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Anonymous writes...

I really feel for Lagaan. He was a genuinely interesting character. It's a crying shame he was brought in to be treated like a chump by Miss Martian. She does not deserve either him or Conner. I am zero sympathies for her. No doubt you want to appease the shippers seeing this is the last season but her and Conner of all the couples are the worse in terms of the way they started and why they broke up. Not to mention how quickly she rebounded. It's been a good show with generally good character development and all the couples...I especially loved Zee and Robin and yet you broke them up but it wwas done in an alright way. I didn't mind. Lagaan was the outcast and cared for her and yet its clear he was dragged in to be used as some monkey wrench. He got zero development after a while unlike Beetle and Bart and many of the other new comeres etc. I guess good looks win in the end.

Greg responds...

I don't buy into anything you've said above.

I don't have any problem with how M'gann and Conner got together. I like it.

As for why they broke up, I won't excuse what she did. But I won't consider her beyond redemption either.

Whether or not M'gann and Conner get back together (a) is still unknown and (b) has nothing to do with what shippers do or do not want.

Whether or not they're still attracted to each other and have a connection is obvious.

I feel for Lagaan, as well. But let's be fair. He knew what he was getting into. He knew she was on the rebound. He pursued it anyway. Took his chances and got burned. Ask him if he has any regrets.

M'gann has made all sorts of mistakes, but breaking up with Lagaan (a) wasn't one of them and (b) has nothing to do with "good looks" or the lack thereof.

M'gann considers Lagaan handsome, and her ongoing (if confused) interest in Conner has nothing to do with his looks anymore.

And I don't agree that Lagaan got "zero development". He was a supporting character and got about as much or more screentime as other supporting characters on the Team, e.g. Cassie, Tim and Garfield. Throw in his appearances in our companion comic, and he arguably got considerably more time and development.

But I'm glad you liked Zatanna and Dick.

Response recorded on June 07, 2013