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SuperMartian89 writes...

I had nothing against La'Gaan personally so I felt for him because he geniunely loved M'gann. But SuperMartian belongs together so it was going to happen eventually. But he's now seeing Wendy or trying to move on?

I think that some couples need time apart to see what else is out there and grow and learn so when they come back together, they are better because of the break. That's what I think of SuperMartian although that wasn't the reason for the break.

1. Do you agree?

2. Is Conner going on a date with Wendy due to not seeing M'gann for weeks?

Greg responds...

1. On a theoretical level, I don't disagree. But I'm not commenting on this vis-a-vis Conner & M'gann.

2. By now you know.

Response recorded on July 10, 2013