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Anonymous writes...

I just want to say I love how Jaime was still inside his body, just, you know, not able to talk out loud. Hilarious comments by the way! Like I needed another reason to love him and the show.
Anyway my question is since he tries to tell the scarab not to do things, like when he told it not to kill Impulse and Batgirl, what would he be saying to the scarab during "War"?
Specifically, what did he say to the scarab when he pinned down Wonder Girl?
I'm just curious because she was the only one not knocked out in the end of that episode! :)
Thanks for everything you've done with Young Justice. I cannot be more serious that this show has positively changed my life in many ways.
Thanks again!

Greg responds...

I'll leave that to your imagination.

Response recorded on July 10, 2013