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Roger the Egg writes...

Greetings Mr. Weisman. I enjoy the fact the you gave the lesser used members of the Team some limelight over the past few weeks. But there are a few things I don't understand:

Why was Arsenal put on the Team instead of in therapy? He doesn't have much experience.

If Mongol also comes from a world with a red sun, then does he have the same powers as Superman?

If Superboy's human DNA represses his powers, then why doesn't it repress a weakness to Kryptonite too?

In one episode, Superboy told the Team he had the genetic potential for heat-vision, but in another, he said that he'd never have Superman's powers. Which statement was true?

Why is Jeime's Scarab always suggesting excessive violence in its method of dealing with situaitons?


Greg responds...

1. He has plenty of experience, and your assumption that he isn't ALSO in therapy is just that. An assumption.

2. Not the exact same, no.

3. Life is complicated.

4. Both.

5. Programming.

Response recorded on July 24, 2013