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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Greg. Just saw an answer to a question I asked.

"Why was there a men's room in Project Cadmus? We only saw Desmond, Guardian, and Spence working at Cadmus. Unless the genomorphs gotta go too."

To which you responded: "There were also guards. But that's beside the point. Why wouldn't there be a Men's Room? And a Woman's Room? I mean, you, yourself listed two men above. I seriously don't understand this question. Who builds a facility without facilities?"

I suppose what I meant to ask was why the bathroom was so LARGE. There were probably ten stalls, but we only saw the two guys (Guardian and Desmond.) The guards answers this... But where were said guards? We ONLY saw Guardian and Desmond. Guardian used genomorphs as a security force. So... Where were the guards?

Greg responds...

They're in a scene that was cut for time from the DC Nation version of the series. But that's all immaterial. You build restrooms that match the size of the facility (which was huge). Whether or not the company than populates its building with enough people to use the restrooms to the fullest extent of their potential has nothing to do with what the architect and city regulations dictate.

Heck, even if you're Cadmus, wouldn't you want options?

Besides, what makes you think the genomorphs weren't using the restrooms.

(Are we really still talking about this? Seriously?)

Response recorded on July 24, 2013