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confused yj fan. writes...

Hey Greg got a ? based on who's a main character on young justice and who's not (at least in season 2).
It's based on one of the answers you gave today on who's a main character and who's not in Season 2:
Here's the question: http://s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/latest.php?qid=17951
"So, I'd say the only true leads for the entire season are probably Aqualad, Artemis, Miss Martian, Nightwing and Blue Beetle."

BUT in an interview back in september 2012 with CBR; you stated something that said otherwise:
here's the interview: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=41210
"I think for us, from day one, we have six leads. And that's huge enough. Now, there are other characters, even from Season 1, who will be recurring characters that we put a spotlight on and give some screen time. Those are characters like Red Arrow and Zatanna - even Captain Marvel and Red Tornado. I don't want to knock them and say that they're tertiary characters. They're not. They're important to our larger tapestry. But I think it was important from day one all the way through the end of Season 2 that we have six leads. They've been the same six leads from the beginning.

It all began with Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash. Of course, Robin is now Nightwing. But after that first three, we added in Superboy, and then we added Ms. Martian, and then we added Artemis. And then we stopped. We kept adding characters, but I don't think we kept adding lead characters. We sold the show on those six, and those six are still to us largely the focus of the show.

Now you are right that we've expanded a lot in Season 2. We've added Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Lagoon Boy, the new Robin, Impulse...and we're not done adding characters. Some of them will get a spotlight shown on them briefly. Some of them will get a larger role than even that. It will range. But we haven't lost track of our six leads. They've always been the six leads for this show, and that will continue throughout the rest of the series."

Okay I'm confused, are Superboy and Kid Flash leads this season or not? I realize you retconned to a certain degree with Jamie being added in there, in another interview. But is there a specific reason WHY you would claim Conner and Wally are still among the main characters THIS SEASON, when you clearly knew ahead of time what their role was this season? It's also a little silly to claim that when Wally's been absent for 9 episodes straight (something you also knew ahead of time).

I don't mind you lying by omission. I understand that there are certain things the fandom should know and certain things we/they don't need to know. HOWEVER I do find it slightly annoying that you would tell us one thing, then tell us something completely different.
Example, there's been some fans of Kid Flash that have been highly annoyed by his amount of screen time this season. That annoyance is also added on by because he was a lead last year AND because you claimed in the interview the main six would still be the focus this season. I can definitely understand their frustration, at being told something, when that might not be the truth.

So is there a reason you told us that in the interview when you actually knew ahead of time that that wasn't exactly the case? I don't want to make you feel like your the reach ambassador and I'm Godfrey interviewing you claiming you lied (especially when it could be something as simple as you being misquoted), But I'm getting mixed signals on who you were trying to claim was a main character this season and who wasn't.

Greg responds...

You're treating this like it's an exact science, when I specifically said it is not.

Looking at it from one point of view, Superboy and Kid Flash are still leads. We still care about their stories in a fundamental way, and in certain episodes they are very important.

But based on the specific story we were telling and the amount of screentime we had to spare, one could argue that they were "downgraded" to support status. And one could definitely argue that Blue Beetle was raised up to lead.

But the point I was making is that we NEVER lost track of the stories of our six original leads EVER. And I think one can see that is true, certainly by the end of "Endgame".

If screentime is the ONLY criteria, then I suppose I was fudging the truth in that old interview. But it's not. So I wasn't.

Response recorded on July 30, 2013